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eco 100% PURE COTTON

About 7thEarthStudios...

Our Story

We're a manufacturer based in Pakistan

We focus on luxury garments that excite our clients and make your customers enjoy shopping with your brand.

Your customers are loyal to your brand for the same reason brands are loyal to us.

The first time your customers order from you, they enter your brand's world and become inspired by your brand's message & the lifestyle your brand represents.

When brands order from us, they get excited by their first sample, and continue to order us for the quality they continue to receive & the effort that we put into their garments.

What sets 7th Earth Studios apart?

  • We only use 100% natural cotton
  • We don't cut corners or lie to you (a lot of the big names sneakily put polyester in their garments)
  • We let you seamlessly order in bulk (no wholesale account required)
  • We have no MOQ requirements for blanks
  • We only use ISO-certified dyeing